Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Study tour in Bulgaria

One of the key activities of the project "EU environmental policies and strategies" was held last week in Bulgaria, and was attended by members of DEM member groups as well as farmers from the region Ratkova Skala. The point of this 6-day event was a study tour that enables participants to have indoor and on location sessions about Natura2000 and farming practices and policies in several regions in Bulgaria.

Lecture in Transhumance restoration and nature-friendly farming (Wen, 07.12.2011)

The lectures began in Sofia with Andrey Kovachev from Balkani Wildlife Society, who transferred a number of experiences and problems that Bulgarian NGOs met in the process of protecting areas and parks in the country. What followed was a visit to the National Park Rila and Pirin acompanied by on the road sessions by Dunchev Alexander,  a visit to Kresna Gora and accommodation in a bio hotel that produces its own organic food. The study tour continued with visiting farms, a presentation of the Bulgarian agri-environmental program in BIOSELENA, visiting a  local winery and so on. The tour ended in Sofia with a session with Vjara Stefanova who spoke of examples of rural development in Bulgaria.

Besepari Hills winery session (Thu, 08.12.2011)

Study tour map 

Thanks to Veronika for the photos, more coming soon!

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