Friday, 4 November 2011

Protest against the smelting factory in Veles 09/11/2011

In the eighties, Veles' lead smelting factory marked the faiths of many younger generations who were affected by the poisoning of heavy metals. This smelter is the biggest enemy of the city, by some it is even called "Veles' Adolf Hitler". After 8 years of non- working, there was an announcement that the factory will restart its work. So, on the 9th of November, Veles Liberation Day, let's join citizens of Veles and victims of lead poisonings and help them in their struggle city to cast out this ruthless killer once and for all! DEM will support them by joining the march that starts in 5 PM at the Sarmaale Square in Veles, so JOIN IN: the smelting factory must not start working again!

More about the aftermath of the smelter in the film "Veles Kaputt" which is available on Youtube.
WARNING: explicit pictures and footage! CLICK HERE FOR THE FILM.