Thursday, 16 December 2010

Workshop in Probistip, Macedonia

On the 25th and 26th of November this year, DEM together with IUCN organized the second workshop of the partnership action project "EU policies and strategies of Environment in Southeast Europe: Building capacities for implementation of EU policies and strategies in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia" in San Niko Hotel in Probistip, Macedonia.

The workshop was entitled "Building capacity - supporting the development of agri-environment schemes". The welcome was given by Mr. Ranko Davitkov from the Regional Office of Probistip for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

Veronika Ferdinandova (IUCN)
speaking about EU nature policies

The topics that were covered during the first day were:
-An introduction to Ratkova Skala
-The region's biodiversity and need for conservatio
-Current farming practices
-IPARD application process
-EU environmental policies
-Policy frameworks for implementation of agri-environment schemes
-Introducing opportunities in Bulgaria's implementation of AE schemes
-HNV farming in Macedonia
-Linking the hydrosystem with rural agriculture in the region

Ruska Miceva (DEM) on HNV farming

The second day we took a tour to the hydrosystem, passing through part of the Ratkova Skala region that is used from rural agriculture and livestock.
Blaze Stefanovski (Hydrosystem Zletovica)
explaining the link between waters and rural agriculture

Fishpond "Zletovica"

The workshop had more than 30 participants:
local farmers, representatives from the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Ministry for Environment - Sector Nature, Union of Agricultural Machinery Rings in Macedonia, local Eco group "Zletovica", Agency for development of agriculture in Macedonia, State University of Cyril and Methodius, Eco group "Molika" - Bitola, Eco group "Eko Misija" - Skopje, Association for Private Forests, Probistip municipality, Hydrosystem "Zletovica", European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism, State Institute for Nature Protection of Novi Sad, REC Office - Montenegro and our partners Greens of Montenegro and Bird Study and Protection Society of Vojvodina.

The event was covered by a local TV and radio station, as well as daily newspaper Dnevnik.

Power point presentations from the workshop:
Biodiversity and conservation -Биодиверзитет и важноста на конзервацијата на Раткова Скала
Framework for implementation of AE schemes- Политичка рамка за имплементација на агро-еколошки шеми
Promoting HNV farming- Промоција на земјоделие со високи природни вредности (HNV)
IPARD Programme in Macedonia -IPARD програмата во РМ
Current farming practices- Тековни земјоделски пракси во Македонија
Capacity building of EU nature policies- Градење капацитети на ЕУ политики за природа
Implementation of EU in Bulgaria -Имплементација на АЕ во Бугарија - предизвици и можности за една нова ЕУ земја членка

Ratkova Skala at a glance, video material HERE.
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