Friday, 26 November 2010

Workshop in Zrenjanin, Serbia

On October 27 /28 in Zrenjanin, Serbia the first workshop of the project "EU policies and strategies of Environment in Southeast Europe: Building capacities for implementation of EU policies and strategies in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia" was held, organized by our partners from Serbia- Bird Study and Protection Society of Vojvodina
together with IUCN.

The workshop was entitled "Building capacities - support to the implementation of EU directives in the field of environment." The workshop covered many topics about the Potamish region and its significance for the EU, starting from a lecture about the current situation of nature and its protection in Serbia as well as the ecological status of the region, historical and social development of the region, natural values, EU directives and Natura 2000.

As a part of the workshop there was work in groups in which the groups discussed two topics, the potential benefits of declaring the area as a Natura 2000 area and objectives of managing the Potamish region.

The second
day of the workshop included a field trip through the region. Participants visited eight locations that reflect the values and activities in Potamish.

Four representatives of DEM
attended this workshop as a partner country in the project and an organizer of the next workshop that will be held in Macedonia.

More about the workshop HERE.