Monday, 12 July 2010

Alarm for Nature

Last month DEM joined the Eco Fair in Ljubanista, Ohrid which happened within the festival Alarm organized by NGO Bivium that lasted from 25th to 27th of June 2010.

The eco program that included activities such as:
eco photo workshop
drawing comics
making a recycling machine
making a solar furnace
eco film and making eco handmade instruments (covered by DEM).

We were pleasantly surprised by the great interest of the people there to sit and make instruments with us. Besides the workshop, DEM's stand offered numerous posters and brochures about the organization and its members as well as CD's from previous activities.

Our stand

Our eco instruments workshop

Exhibition of some of the instruments we made-
-in the end we had two pairs of rattles from sand and plastic bottle caps, two rattles with metal caps that simulate the sound of a tambourine, castanets and various other rattles.

For more info on the eco action Alarm for Nature, click here.