Thursday, 6 October 2011

TRAINING INVITATION - Send your biographies! (deadline 14th of October, 2011)

For all those who are a part of an CSO working on the environment in Macedonia or the region:

We are pleased to announce that soon we will be holding a training workshop as a part of our project in collaboration with IUCN, "EU policies and strategies for the environment in Southeast Europe". This training will be held from 24th to 28th October and will take place in Valjevo, Serbia. Topics to be covered in this training are: the concept of Green Infrastructure, environmental impact assesment, NATURA2000 and regulations for rural development of the European Union.

The presence of CSO's is of particular importance to this training because they will be carriers of the message and future trainers in their countries.

If interested send a brief biography of your organization and answer the following:

1) Is your organization involved in the implementation / development of EU policies related to environment?
2) How will acquired knowledge from the training be transferred back into the organization?

For any details or questions, contact us.
Send your biographies to until Friday 14.10.2011.

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